iOrganize® Earring Organization Slats

Create your custom earring holder with iOrganize® slats 

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Earring Holder Individual Slats 
3 Styles | 9 Colors | 10 Lengths

Earring holder


Glue our earring slats into your
picture frame or jewelry cabinet
to create your perfect DIY earring holder

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3 Styles of Slats Available

Slots only
Slots with Hoop Hooks
Slots with Holes

Earrings in slats

Lover of hoops?
Tired of them always being tangled?

No problem with our patented hoop hooks.
Tiny or large, these slats are perfect for hoops!


Holds all styles of earrings – studs, wires, hoops, lever backs, clip-ons, huggies

Keep the backs on all of your earrings ….
… leave a small gap on studs and just drop earrings securely in a slot
Abundant slots – allows you to control how close you want your earrings to hang
Available in 10 colors

Studs – Leave the backs on!
Just drop earrings securely in a slot!

Earring holder

Slots – for studs, wire hooks, dangles, large hoops
Holes – for wire hooks, English locks
Hoop Hooks – for small hoops, huggies
Slats with hoop hooks – use the slots above for studs
Slats with holes – use the slots, the holes or both
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Colors Available:

Georgian Cherry
Light Brown
Mid Brown
Mission Brown
Espresso (Very Dark Brown)
Driftwood (10” Only)
Weathered Gray
Graphite (Dark Gray) (10” Only)

Slat colors

10 Sizes Available

Sizes available

8", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 16", 17", 18", 20" 
Easy to cut down if we don't have your perfect size.

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Find Your Size 

Find your size

To insert into a frame, measure the space
inside the inner lip of the frame.

The slats will rest on the lip of the frame.

Select the size that fits your frame or project.

Slats are easy to cut down if we don’t
have your exact length.  



Measuring frame

Glue the slats into your frame

Glues were tested and we sell the
recommended and strongest glue



Laser cut for perfection

3 Styles available
These are laser cut, wooden slats that can be installed into an existing frame, jewelry cabinet, or can be hung independently on the wall with your hardware.  1/2" tall, 1/8” thick, available in 3 styles and 10 lengths.  Strong enough to hold even the heaviest of earrings.

3 Styles
Slots + hoop hooks
Slots + holes
Slots only

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Leave the backs on all your earrings securely!  
Just drop studs in a slot 


Lover of hoops and tired of them always being tangled?
No worries with our patented hoop hooks.
Tiny or large, this is perfect for hoops!
The only earring holders on the market offering hoop hooks!


Use slots for studs, wires, hooks, large hoops

Hang studs in slots
above the holes




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Abundant slots on every slat!

great way to hold earrings


Abundant slots on every slat let's you determine how closely you want your earrings to hang.
You'll skip slots when your earrings are wide
Total capacity depends on your size and type of earrings

earrings on iorganize slats


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Looking for the simplest of earring organizer solutions?
Check out our instant earring organizer inserts page for
all-in-one organizers you simply glue into a frame or jewelry cabinet. 

Earring Organizer Inserts

Glue Our Earring Insert Into Your Picture Frame
to Create Your Perfect DIY Earring Holder



Not a DIY person?

Framed earring holders with matching movable slats available

weathered gray frame
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