Just launched my new product iBella® Scarf Slides With Interchangeable Beads!

Please check out my new product on the page "Scarf Slide Sets and Beads".  It's been a very long journey but I've finally launched this new product set!

I bought a scarf slide with beads hanging down at a craft show many years ago.  I loved it!  But the beads were permanently attached and I wanted to switch the beads and wear it with other scarves.  So I figured out how to make scarf slides allow beads to be switched out, patented my idea, tested at shows and everybody loved them!

The slides are made out of bamboo which I love because it is strong and durable wood but sustainable for our planet.  The wide variety of sets have the bamboo slide of your choice and 5 beads - a combination of pendants, crystals and glass pearls for you to play with.  Then there are a ton of extra beads available to order at a very affordable price so you can add other colors and beads to your collection and customize your scarf slide to your scarves/tastes.  Please check it out!